Belt Brands
Leather belts have a timeless, yet stylish look that people love. In fact leather belts are the most popular type of belts worn by Men. A leather belt is one of the most important fashion items for most Men.

If you are looking for a great gift to give, especially for a Man then a quality leather belt would be a great choice.

There are cheap leather belts and there are fine leather belts. A fine leather belt will likely cost a bit more, but the quality, type of leather used and the longevity will usually be worth the added price.

Remember you can go to your local thrift store and sometimes find some great vintage leather belts, that are high quality yet at a much cheaper cost to you.
What size belt should I buy?
You want the belt to fit you nicely, super long is not a great look, while too short is the worst.

If you buy a belt that is too short, you are going to be uncomfortable and look funny at the same time. Try to look for a belt that is a size or 2 larger than your waist. That way you will be comfortable and the belt will look appropriately proportioned to your body.

If you are purchasing a dress belt, they really do look better if they are properly sized. You might want to visit a tailor to get your proper waist size. That way you are sure to get the proper fitting belt. A dress belt should really be closer to your actual waist size, it just looks better.

If purchasing a belt on the fly, go with the larger one if you are unsure. It is always easier to punch a hole in the belt than to try and get it lengthened.
Kids Belts - What better way to dress up your son or daughter's wardrobe then with a fashionable belt. Boys tend to like belts with cartoon characters or action heroes. Girls go crazy for flower belts, Hello Kitty belts are also a popular choice for girls. Kids belts should be fun and colorful, because that is what most kid's like.

Belt Buckles - If you are a looking for an easy way to spice up any wardrobe, you can't miss with a belt buckle.

Belt buckles come in all shapes, sizes and varieties you can imagine. The perfect wardrobe accessory for a Man or a Woman is a belt buckle.

Want to show off your favorite hobbies, likes or band?

There is a belt buckle for that.

Looking for a great gift for a Man or Woman?

There is a belt buckle for that too.

Belt buckles can also be hand engraved and those can cost a pretty penny. A silver belt buckle is a nice purchase if you want to stand out from the crowd. I also love me a belt buckle that is all decked out with Swarovsky crystals.
Chain Belts
Chain belts are a popular accessory for the fashion conscious modern woman. These types of belts can give that little bit of flare to your wardrobe.

Chain belts come in all types of shapes and sizes, so why not own more than one?

Many chain belts include great designs on them like flowers, hearts, stars and other shapes that just look great. Chain belts offer just enough sex appeal to help you stand out from the crowd.

Many chain belts also come adorned with crystals or rhinestones, which gives them a sparkly touch that i just love.

Get noticed! Get a chain belt today.
Wallet Brands
Nearly every Man carries a wallet, so if you are looking for a gift for a man, a wallet makes a great one. Most guys like nice looking wallets, we don't like carrying a cheap looking wallet around in our pocket. A good looking wallet reflects well on a man, check out these recommended men wallet brands.

Fossil Wallet Brand
Fossil makes some really stylish and sleek looking wallets. They have a nice selection of leather wallets that include some nice stitching around the edges. The quality is real nice for the price, as Fossil Wallets only cost around $30 - $50 bucks on average. A real nice deal, that will leave you with some green to put into that new wallet. All of their wallets feature the Fossil Logo, I like the ones with the metal logos on the wallet.

Tasso Elba
I fell in love with these wallets when I came across them at Macy's. Rich Italian leather with quality stitching makes these an excellent wallet choice for any man. Can be had in dark and light colors and Tasso Elba wallets are available in several styles and sizes. Retail price of a Tasso Elba Wallet is around $34.95. - - -