Belt Brands
Belts are worn by Men, Women and even kids like to wear belts. They can be functional as well as an important fashion accessory. What better way to accentuate your look then with a stylish looking belt. Try these top belt brands when looking for that perfect belt for your wardrobe.

Cole Haan Belt Brand
If you are looking for a great brand of leather belt, then Cole Haan would be a nice choice. Large selection of high quality leather casual and dress belts. Cole Haan makes great belts for Men yet they also make some nice Women's belts as well. They make a Men's belt called a Mountain Braid Belt which is colorful and braided yet has leather ends, an interesting style. A Cole Haan belt will run you on average around $75.

Diesel Belt Brand
Diesel is a trendy brand of belt that is popular with both Men and Women. If you are looking for something a little younger, a little edgy then Diesel might be for you. Most of their belts are leather and contain some metal accessories. The combination of the metal and leather seems to work well with this brand. Diesel belts aren't cheap as the best ones will run well over $100. Wearing a Diesel belt is a good way to get noticed.

Fossil Belt Brand
Fossil is a good quality belt brand that is sold in many department stores. Most of their belts are leather and most are not very expensive. So if you are looking for good quality, at a fair price, then Fossil might be your belt of choice. They sell belts that are more geared for the casual look, say with jeans and a t-shirt. Nice rugged looking belts for Men at around $35 a piece.

Leegin Belt Brand
Leegin is best known for making Western-style leather belts. They make a wide variety of belts, some offer fancy tooling on the leather. They are sold through many cowboy and western stores in the United States.

Michael Kors Belt Brand
Michael Kors is a popular brand of belt that is sold in many fine retail stores. They sell belts for both Men and Women, but they are probably a more popular Women's brand of belt. Most of their belts are leather, with larger size buckles. They also sell some nice skinny belts that retail for about $195.

Patagonia Belt Brand
Patagonia makes stylish fabric belts that are fully adjustable to almost any length. If you like bright color and designs then you will like Patagonia. Their most popular belts are the Tech Web Belt, Friction Belt and Stretch Wading Belt.

Pistil Belt Brand
If you are a girl that defines yourself as "Quirky" then this brand is right for you. Something a little out of the ordinary, belts that are mostly hand-woven and embroidered, with funky styles and colors. This brand is geared toward young Women who want to look different and stand out from the crowd.

Tommy Hilfiger Belt Brand
I was recently shopping at Macy's and came across a great leather belt that I just had to have. A nice reversible leather belt with a shiny brushed nickle belt buckle and the Hilfiger logo, cost me $45 and worth every penny. A nice brand of casual or dress belt.

Tony Lama Belt Brand
If you like Western wear style belts, you will love Tony Lama. Quality American made boots and belts since 1911. They make belts for both men and women. High-quality leather belts with fancy tooling and nice accents.

Volcom Belt Brand